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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

You Never Will

Mayor Martin O’Malley supported a progressive income tax over fees that disproportionately hit poor Marylanders in a Gazette article today. He also indicated that as a Democrat, he would support the winner of the gubernatorial primary, thus prompting readers to ask themselves the question of whether Doug Duncan would do the same.

The Sun has a good piece on the increasing opportunities for Republicans in Anne Arundel.

And in the most interesting of the three, Dan Rodricks asks us to take a step back on the whole medical malpractice issue to ask whether there is really a crisis at all.

In Montgomery County, Steve Silverman announced his intention to run for County Executive and the Post indicated that Ike Leggett is likely to enter the race for the largest, most Democratic county in the state. Silverman’s bid, while relying on what Duncan has been doing over the past few years, will have to answer questions about what he has done to deal with the many problems facing the county, like the skyrocketing cost of housing. "If you don't already own a house in Montgomery County, you never will," says the Rev. Jeff MacKnight.