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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Empty Space on the Left

The Gazette and Post are both reporting that Montgomery County Councilman Steve Silverman is both raising money and trying to get in the good graces of those who care about public education in preparation for a run for County Executive. This on the heels of the recently reported questionable addition to the county prescription drug cards of Silverman and Duncan's names, though they had little to do with passing the legislation that created the discount cards. If there is to be real competition for this important post from the so-called Democratic wing of the party, former Councilman and former Maryland Democratic Party Chair Isiah Leggett, or current Councilmembers Tom Perez or Phil Andrews have to be working the field now.
If not, the nascent but growing Green Party in Maryland will probably pick up more defectors tired of the politics and policies coming out of both Rockville and Annapolis.

The Sun reports that opponents of the ICC argue that it might not relieve congestion and the legislature has come up with legislation regarding medical malpractice rates.