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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

How Far Right?

Beyond their ability to drive otherwise middle- and working-class people in middle America to vote against their interests (a la What's the Matter With Kansas), do you ever wonder what the real point of right-wing crusades against homosexuals, abortion, etc. are really all about?

Take a second to look over at Wampum for documentation on just how far the right wants to go--a stripping down of our government, and a regressive social agenda determined to take us back centuries. It seems the right's
real goal is rolling back the last 40 years of the Women's Right movement, ending no-fault divorce, and defunding international family planning. (All of it, not just anything abortion related, but preventative population control as well.) They also believe that generous pension benefits, Social Security and daycare facilities have led to the breakdown of the intergenerational family, as seniors are no longer dependent on the goodwill of their grown children, and can't be exploited as child caregivers.

The real question this raises, then, is if the obvious things like so-called gay marriage and partial birth abortions can be used as wedge issues, might this deeper agenda of the right be practical down the road?