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Friday, November 19, 2004

Building a Movement

In the midst of post-election commentary and long-term discussion on how labor builds the strength it needs to build a more just society, a new site www.unitetowin.org offers some interesting ideas. While there is already a fight about suggest to build stronger structures in international unions, locally there is a similar effort.

Many of local unions are weak and disorganized, and they refuse to work together effectively.
While there are some great unions doing inspiring organizing and other work in Maryland and elsewhere, others have weak or lazy leaders, poor organization, passive memberships, and a clear lack of focus on building strength or winning victories. The most important first step in creating a movement that can change our society is building locals that have strength. This means not only merging together to build coherence and size, but pushing real democracy and internal activism while removing barriers to new leadership, so that those who are not willing to lead will get out of the way of those who are.