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Friday, December 31, 2004

Sadness or Euphoria

Am I the only political junkie, eager for laughs at the expense of public officials, policies, and politics, who is disappointed by the Capitol Steps? Look, I know what they talk about, am willing to laugh at both sides, have a sense of humor, and even had a couple of drinks before listening to the performance broadcast on NPR tonight. But I only laughed twice, and the big guffaw wasn't even for a political joke. This isn't the first time, but I'm finding that political humor is hard to find.

A House staffer once told me that the tv series "The West Wing" is like crack cocaine for liberals. It's how we escape the troubling reality of W's rightwing policies, cynical politics, and foolish statements to dwell in a world where the President works tirelessly for the good of all Americans, wins rather frequently, and is supported by attractive, capable staffers that many of us can imagine being. She's right. If you've worked in public policy under any of the recent regimes, including Clinton's, you know how far from the ideal executive policymaking is and how tough it can be to get anything done in the public interest in DC. So, this progressive policy advocate is more than happy to take a weekly hit (or a more intense dose via the dvd versions) of a White House that works for the American people.

And though we choose between reality and madness
It's either sadness or euphoria.

from Billy Joel's "Summer, Highland Falls"