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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Apparently either Janet Owens or Peter Franchot are polling to see if and how they can take Willie Don in the Comptroller’s race. Apparently this includes questions that ask about the incumbent’s ridiculous behavior and whether he should retire.

Posted in this space recently was a link to Ida Ruben’s invitation to a breakfast that first featured Al Wynn, then Ike Leggett, and now has been switched to George Leventhal. What’s the deal? Who supports her?

And for the sake of equality, I should mention that her challenger, AU law prof. Jamin Raskin, is having an event Saturday with Jesse Jackson, Jr. in our neighborhood.

Also, I was corrected by a reader that Kweisi Mfume wasn’t picked by the state teachers for a Senate endorsement yet – it’s still in the process.

Thanks to Mocoprogressive for an interesting article on Doug Gansler: http://mocoprogressive.blogspot.com/2006/05/gansler-announces-for-ag.html#links