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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Web Politics

Is Ike Leggett endorsing Ida Ruben? Her web site seems to suggest that. And what happened to the previous text that said Al Wynn was headlining that event? Interesting developments...

And speaking of Wynn, word is that his challenger is hitting the campaign trail hard.

Whatever you may think of her, D20 Democratic candidate for state delegate Heather Mizeur has put together one of the most professional campaign sites of anyone in a state or local race. Wow, that must have cost a bundle.

With Derrick Berlage out of the race for Chair of Planning Board, wags suggest that former Chair Royce Hanson is the most likely pick, even as a number of experienced candidates get into the mix.

Take a gander at the results of the 2002 or 1998 elections to get an idea of where D20 people are coming from (and going).

Lastly, it is interesting that the state teachers picked Mfume in the Senate race. A friend of his said a few months ago that if he didn't have at least $1 million by the end of May he wasn't viable. Anyone know where he is on that?