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Friday, July 22, 2005

Mfume Email

The Mfume campaign is putting out an email today under Joe Trippi's name trumpeting the same note we heard from the Dean campaign -- people vs the powerful. Will an underdog campaign against someone not known for his charisma but for his steady, cerebral approach to legislating work?

Together we can launch the summer of hope throughout Maryland -- a campaign based on thousands of Marylanders working together in support of a different kind of candidate. A candidacy born out of the support of the people, and not a candidacy born out of the ability to attract big money. The powerful, the big money, and big business have plenty of voices in Washington that stand for them. Make no mistake about it -- they will not be supporting Kweisi Mfume -- which makes what you do now so important. They know that Kweisi Mfume will be our voice in the US Senate and now it is up to us to make it happen.

This isn't intended as a free ad for Mfume, but a question. Given how long it's been since we had a contested primary race for senate or governor, it's hard to tell whether primary voters will pay enough attention to take this out of the hands of those who always vote. Can Mfume/Trippi energize an activist base?