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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Grasmick for LG?

On today's Kojo Nnamdi Show, Paul Schurick, the governor's press secretary, had at least one very positive comment about Nancy Grasmick, the state superintendent of schools. Wonder if she's on Ehrlich's short list for LG? After all, Grasmick's got money, picking a woman and a Democrat would be a strategic choice in a climate where he has to expand his base, and it would give Ehrlich's ticket a good angle to attack O'Malley on schools.

The panelists also discussed that the governor invited Doug Duncan for the announcement of the route for the ICC. While they got on the subject of whether Ehrlich's people orchestrate the crowds and suppress dissent, another thing occurred to me. Obviously with the ICC running through Montgomery County, inviting the MoCo executive seems reasonable, but might that not be the only reason? Do you think it was an effort to buoy Duncan so that he would continue to bloody O'Malley?

Scott Arceneaux, Duncan's campaign manager wasn't nearly as successful in speaking for his candidate, as Schurick was in diverting criticism from and playing up the positive work of Ehrlich.