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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Poll Shows O'Malley Ahead

An internal O'Malley poll done by GarinHartYang shows O'Malley with 50 percent, with Duncan at 28 (22% undecided) among likely primary voters.

Pollsters conducted additional interviews in Montgomery County, and say they found that Duncan's support in his home territory was weaker than O'Malley's in Baltimore.

"In stark contrast to O'Malley's strong support in the Baltimore region, Duncan has lackluster support, holding a 52% to 31% lead in Montgomery County," the memo said. Because Duncan's name recognition is already near-universal in Montgomery, "the polling shows that Doug Duncan will have a difficult time getting 60% of the vote in his home county, much less achieving even the low end of 70% that most political observers believe he needs to compete statewide," the memo said.

The usual caveats are mentioned by Duncan's aide in the Sun piece on the article, including that it's too early, it only reflects name recognition, etc. But these are interesting numbers, which is probably why the O'Malley team let us see them!