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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Brownback for the Bank?

Speculation is rife on a new World Bank President, but includes a recent mention of Sen. Sam Brownback in the Journal World. His conservative views will lead many to question whether he is someone we want in such a vital position.

The exciting part for political junkies, however, is wondering who might fill his seat if it happened. Rep. Dennis Moore would probably be interested in the appointment, though one can only wonder if he has the fire-in-the-belly to move beyond his northeastern Kansas base. If he did get the nod from Gov. Sebelius, his House seat would be hard to hold without him and he would face a tough battle in 2006.

Of course, since someone actually had the moxie to wonder about Bill Clinton taking the Bank helm, we cannot help but wonder whether all of this is anything but speculation.