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Friday, January 28, 2005

What Do You Really Think?

When Lyndon LaRouche's followers were passing out attack pamphlets and tabloids with titles like "Beast Men: Children of Satan" at the Metro stop on Capitol Hill a while back, someone said that some folks really censor themselves too much. I thought that when I read the following on a Salon.com review of former Bush EPA chief and former NJ Gov. Christie Whitman's book.
"Bush's narrow victory in November completed the Republican Party's transformation from a vehicle for principled conservatives into a debt-fueled pimpmobile for crony capitalists and religious hucksters."

That's followed by quotes like:
"The GOP has become comfortable with its inner troglodyte -- in fact, it embraces the lil' fanged bugger."

You know, writers who say that their work is required to be too formulaic, or gets too watered down by editors or by self-editing so that they can published, are probably not working for Salon or LaRouche.