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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Convenience v. Value

I had another of those experiences today. You know, when the bright piece of fruit you bought is flavorless or spoiled the day after you bought it. I decided to treat the large supermarket nearby like a convenience store.

You see, for quite a while now the chain supermarkets nearby, particularly regarding produce, have seemed overpriced, with inferior products, and have poor service. I have found that local farmers' markets, smaller groceries, and community supported agriculture programs have better fruit and vegetables, at lower prices, sold with a smile.

So it's true that the Giant and Safeway stores near me have ample parking, regular supplies of everything, long hours, and a range of products not offered everywhere. That's why I'll still go there when I need something quickly or conveniently, but I don't spend much of my time or money there. There is just no need to.