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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Odds of death by:

In the wake of the South Asian tsunami, you may wonder what the odds are that mother nature will take you down. Don't be nervous, you are much more likely to do it yourself or lose your life through some human-made calamity.
Here are the lifetime odds of succumbing to various natural calamities:

Exposure to excessive natural cold... 1 in 6,165
Exposure to excessive natural heat... 1 in 12,310
Cataclysmic storm... 1 in 68,388
Lightning... 1 in 83,930
Flood... 1 in 105, 512
Earthquake... 1 in 131,890
Exposure to all other unspecified forces of nature... 1 in 92,323

And here are the lifetime odds of expiring from some specific causes of death, based on official tallies:

Suicide... 1 in 121
Car accident... 1 in 247
Pedestrian accident... 1 in 608
Complications from medical or surgical care...1 in 1,222
Riding a bike... 1 in 4,663
Falling from a ladder or scaffold... 1 in 8,412
Legal execution... 1 in 58,618
Being buried alive in a cave-in or landslide... 1 in 65,945
Dog bite... 1 in 147,717
Fireworks accident... 1 in 615,488