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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Spin Me Right Round, Baby

The Wyeth Wire has a funny for the 18th:

Journalists are too cynical for their own good. They cynically dismiss spin and focus on the reality. I think this is a mistake. Sometimes the best way to ridicule spin is to take it seriously.

Consider the spin from the Lieberman campaign after New Hampshire, touting a "three-way tie for third place." Most reporters brushed off this spin as a delusional rant by a dying candidate.

But what if a reporter had taken his premise seriously, and followed it to its logical conclusion?

Senator Lieberman, I agree with you that your third-place showing in New Hampshire promises to propel your campaign the way similar Granite State third place finishes have in the past. How does your third-place finish compare with that of:

Steve Forbes in 2000?
Lamar Alexander in 1996?
Bob Kerrey in 1992?
Jack Kemp in 1988?
John Glenn in 1984?
Howard Baker in 1980?