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Sunday, December 21, 2003

McCarthy won't run in 2004

In a decision that might surprise those who have not been reading this column or Polstate.com, or paying close attention to Kansas City politics, it seems that Rep. Karen McCarthy (D-MO), the troubled Kansas City Congresswoman, will not run for re-election next year.

After a years of skating by in a safe district despite a lack of productivity or efficacy, McCarthy's reputation of ethical lapses and poor treatment of staff, combined with a robust challenge from a couple of Democrats and two Republicans
seem to have convinced McCarthy to retire. With McCarthy's exit from the field, former KC Mayor Cleaver and others with more experience, support, and name recognition might well decide to enter the race, which is music to the ears of political junkies, as well as those who want the best for KC.

Unfortunately, this is another of the many safe seats so the Democratic primary will probably decide things. And if Mayor Cleaver steps in this will be an open-and-shut race, as the former Mayor is widely respected and has a strong base of support. Finally, there is hope that Kansas City will get real representation in DC.