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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Ripped from the Headlines

Matt Taibbi has an article on retired General Wesley Clark in The Nation that has a few funny riffs, though the insights in it seem of limited value. This should surprise no one familiar with his previous work, which includes the biting and frequently funny, but often disturbing and meaningless Exile, a Russia-based alternative newspaper that bordered on the disturbed.

The Daily Kos has a link to a Virginia poll which shows Dean ahead even there. This makes one think ahead to a shortlist for Vice Presidential nominees. Any thoughts? Although I feel like I read this somewhere else first, I thought you might be interested in Mark Shields’ thinking on NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer: “He has been the lone cop on the beat, the Sheriff of Wall Street.”

Speaking of Wall Street, I found the discussion of the marketing of tax shelters in Tom Paine to be somewhat boring, but probably necessary reading if you want to stay up on this. Seems that Sen. Carl Levin is interested in being deputized.

And finally, the Supreme Court today largely upheld the bipartisan campaign finance reform act, shocking some observers.