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Friday, December 12, 2003

Another Friday Web Log

The problem’s for Kansas City’s Democratic Representative got worse late last week when Karen McCarthy indicated in an interview that she might, indeed, retire. This prompted speculation that popular former Mayor Emanuel Cleaver, who had previously deferred to McCarthy, might be interested in the safe Democratic seat if she retired. The local alternative weekly The Pitch also questions McCarthy's effectiveness.

And in Maryland, the slots juggernaut rolled forward during a discussion between Governor Bob Ehrlich and Speaker Mike Busch. Ehrlich is probably already thinking ahead to the reelection campaign that will probably pit him against either Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley or Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan, knowing that how he handles the budget will be key.

Speaking of gambling and future races, the Maryland Progressive recently had a good piece questioning Al Wynn’s stands on a number of issues:

"Time and time again, Wynn has cast key votes that put him on the same side as right-wingers who could never get elected to anything in the district Wynn represents. Even worse, Wynn has on several occasions stuck his neck out to provide cover for corporate special interests thrilled to have at least one reputedly "liberal" African-American Democrat in their corner."

It cites a number of such instances including opposition to a living wage measure and to campaign finance reform, and support for the energy bill. What a guy.