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Monday, September 18, 2006

Yeah, yeah

I know, I should write something substantive, but I just don't feel like it. So, I'll just point you to several interesting things...

MoCo Slacker suggests that, unhappy with the results of the Democratic primary for Montgomery County Council, the Chamber of Commerce is looking for candidates to back in the general. That's exactly what the Democrats need to unite and really get behind anti-developer sentiment -- good plan guys.

The last race in question in Maryland apparently is the one for the 4th congressional district, where one of our contributors continues to raise questions. We'll see if Donna Edwards can pull from behind to beat incumbent Al Wynn.

Amongst all of the post-election commentary, one pundit says that the Montgomery County Education Association (the teachers – you know, with the apple ballot) were the real power in the primary, though many of us think that a backlash against irresponsible development and an anti-incumbent mood made a big difference.

Lastly, there's some good stuff about Gaithersburg, day laborers, and development is on offer.