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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get off your fanny

Any of our readers who lost their primaries (though progressives had one of the better election days in recent Maryland history) and think they might want to file to run as an indpendent (or pull a Lieberman) should check in with Blog Arundel, 'cause ya can't!

The rest of you should just take a minute to kick yourself for not spending (more) time and money to help Donna Edwards beat Al Wynn in the 4th congressional district.

What's that, you thought she didn't stand a chance?

You say you were too busy or you don't have the cash?

Well, the race is still up in the air as provisional ballots are counted (MoCo Progressive is calling the race for Edwards). Just think, if she'd started earlier or run a stronger campaign, or if you'd helped her, we'd have a progressive woman in Congress representing Maryland for the first time in a long time except for Sen. Mikulski! Seriously, just try to name a reasonably progressive woman (not a Republican) from the Free State other than Barb. Now we've got to make that feeling that we coulda, shoulda and woulda into a new call to action. Get off your fanny and start working, either on the election or on organizing people in your community for the long haul.

In other (way late) news, from National Journal’s Hotline:
Ehrlich Still Boasts Big Funding Lead

Fundraising figures reported 9/1, covering the period 8/9 to 8/27
(State Board of Elections).

Raised Spent CoH
EHRLICH $566K $728K $8.35M
O'MALLEY $333K $932K $3.84M

When running-mate totals are included, Ehrlich raised $630K to
Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley's (D) $455K. Del. Anthony Brown (D) "proved
to be an effective fundraiser," doubling Disabilities Sec. Kristen Cox (R)
with $121.7K raised (Rich, Washington Post, 9/2).

Governor: MARYLAND: Blame The Feds

Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley (D) "squared
off" at a forum on disabilities issues 9/5. The discussion "became more
intense" as O'Malley tried to link Ehrlich with the nat'l GOP by blaming
Pres. Bush's admin for cuts in Medicaid, Medicare and fed. insurance
programs for the disabled. O'Malley: "We need a governor who will stand up
to the ... cuts being shoved down the throat of state and local government."
Ehrlich: "The federal government is not the enemy. In fact, with our
administration, it's been the friend of many people in this room." Ehrlich
running mate/Disabilities Sec. Kristen Cox (R), "who is legally blind,"
filled in for Ehrlich after he left 15 minutes early (Fritze, Baltimore Sun,

O'Malley Fights Back

O'Malley is up with a new TV ad. Full script, "Plus":

ANNCR: "Can we really trust Bob Ehrlich on education? He broke his promise
to support the Thornton school funding plan. He cut $176 million in school
construction. Ehrlich even increased college tuition by 40%. No surprise
from the same governor who opposed a $1 increase in the minimum wage. Who
sided with the big corporations to raise utility rates, and deny middle
class workers health coverage. Bob Ehrlich, a record of siding with the
powerful corporate interests, instead of families like yours."

The ad closes with a picture of Ehrlich and Bush (Fritze, Baltimore
Sun, 9/6).