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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

District 20 Delegate Endorsement

Silver Spring and Takoma Park residents will vote Tuesday for at least one new state Delegate. They should base their votes on who will be the best progressive legislator and representative of the community. With a bumper crop of Democrats with legislative experience, it should be easy to elect three capable legislators.

There is one clear choice: Tom Hucker. While the other candidates generally have legislative experience and indicate support for some liberal programs, none have stood up repeatedly and effectively to actually pass progressive legislation in Annapolis like Hucker has as executive director and founder of Progressive Maryland and previously with other progressive groups. He has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to pass important legislation, represent Silver Spring and Takoma Park, and build important coalitions to make a difference.

Without questioning the professed beliefs of congressional staffers, one still cannot help but applaud the one challenger who has been a leader in his own right – Tom Hucker has demonstrated that he will lead on our values and really accomplish something.