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Monday, September 04, 2006

Roundup: Attacks, Investigations, Protests and Jon Stewart

Check out Steve on CircleWoods for his investigation of what "appears to be a phony charge planted by the Ruben campaign (or an ignorant operative) that Raskin's campaign had stolen hundreds of her lawn signs from her own neighborhood."

The Edwards campaign is drawing attention to big donations to Al Wynn's campaign from telecom interests, utilities, and other big businesses.

According to Progressive Maryland, on Thursday in DC there will be
Civil Rights March Protests Republican 'Immigration Bill'
Thurs. Sept. 7, 4 pm on the National Mall. Join CASA of Maryland, Progressive Maryland, and many thousands to oppose the Republican "immigration bill", which would undermine the civil rights of all U.S. citizens and human rights of legal, documented immigrants. More at www.casademaryland.org

And I know this is dated, but it's always fun to get your news from Jon Stewart-- it's so much more fun than the news channels.