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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brown for AG?

In anticipating who will get into important races in Maryland, sometimes job ads are the best leads. After all, you've got to get staff if you want to run for something (unless you're Senate candidate Alan Lichtman...). According to an online ad for a fundraiser for a PG County-based African American considering a run for statewide office, we may have more fun in store. While Al Wynn is listed on the consultant’s web site, that doesn’t seem likely. He and Wayne Currie have pretty much indicated that they’ll pass for now. Could this be for the rumored Anthony Brown run for AG? Stay tuned.

The race to replace Delegate John Hurson in the 18th legislative district of Montgomery County is heating up, with a decision by the local Democratic central committee coming on Tuesday. There are somewhere between 8 and 11 candidates in the race. The biggest difference between the candidates is surely not one of ideology none stand out as being obviously moderate or significantly progressive – the broad statements they make seem to put most of them well into the category of “pretty liberal.” Instead the biggest difference is between candidates who have been around for quite a while and are in their sixties, and energetic young people with little policy experience in their twenties or early thirties. In between there are a couple of people who have both experience and energy. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

And locally, civic activists scored a win when the county executive agreed to try to fully fund the new civic building in downtown Silver Spring. Wonder when the new Montgomery County blog featured by the Post will hear of it...