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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

D18 Games

Del. John Hurson of District 18 (a large slice of Silver Spring and its surroundings) recently announced his resignation to take a DC lobbying job. This leaves a number of past candidates, activists, and other would-be lawmakers jockeying to replace him. According to the talk around town, this includes longtime Democratic activist and election board member Sam Statland, Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) member and civic activist Vic Weissberg, cable administrator Jane Lawton, several local lawyers and young activists, and a member of the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Committee in the running.

Does anyone know the process for selecting a replacement to serve for about a year until someone is elected next November? I have only the vaguest idea that it appears that a caucus of current and former elected officials, and current Democratic precinct chairs will have something to say, but that the MCDCC will have the final say and probably the most influence. Interestingly enough, the governor is the one actually makes things official; one wonders if he might not like to muck about a bit in Montgomery County...