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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smiles, but No Van Hollen

Yesterday Chris Van Hollen announced that he would not be a candidate for Senate, leaving Ben Cardin and Kweisi Mfume to duke it out unless AA County Exec Janet Owens or a non-pol jumps into the race. Van Hollen is young, only in his second term in the House, and with a bright future: he might ascend the leadership ladder in the House or be in a great position should Sen. Mikulski retire in four years. We'll see.

And the Post carried an article this morning proclaiming the approval (shock!) by the state of a southern ICC route. The article includes a photo of Bob Ehrlich and Doug Duncan smiling really brightly and shaking hands. Not a pretty sight. Would someone please remind Duncan that he says he's a Democrat? Thanks.