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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Post-Etc. Notes

It was a bit surprising to see the Examiner's front page and an inside Post page about Democrats' attacks on LtG Mike Steele's upcoming fundraiser with Karl Rove, given his implication in the Plame scandal. Not that it isn't a legitimate way to attack, but it hardly seems to be that level of an issue at this point. Interesting, though, that the flaks doing the attacking and defending are both with the national parties.

USA Today has a poll showing Bob Ehrlich's approval rating at 48%, not a good number at all.

Yesterday's Post indicated that the Russian government has opened a criminal investigation against former PM Mikhail Kasyanov, widening President Putin's efforts to intimidate anyone who might interfere with his power and further weakening what was an effort at democracy.

Also in the Post yesterday was a piece concluding that further regulation of bloggers by the Federal Elections Commission was unlikely. Not sure what to think of that -- the lines have been getting blurry for some time. Thoughts?