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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Credit is certainly due the intrepid activists at TrueVoteMD: the Campaign for Verifiable Voting, who have not only put on the agenda what many in Maryland thought was a Quixotic attempt to expose the flaws in the new electronic voting system and to fix them before they endangered democratic elections in the state, but may actually have generated the momentum to pass legislation. The Gazette, hardly a paper sympathetic to causes championed by progressive activists like TrueVoteMD co-founder and 2002 Green Party nominee for the House of Delegates in the 20th legislative district Linda Schade, indicates that chances for passage of legislation to improve electronic voting in the state are increasing. "House Ways and Means Chairwoman Sheila Ellis Hixson, who killed the paper ballot bill last year, told The Gazette that she expects some form of the legislation to pass this year..."

And Rep. Al Wynn is planning to introduce legislation to roll back part of landmark campaign finance reform law.