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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bush Budget in Maryland

A DNC message had interesting tidbits about how President Bush's budget will impact Marylanders:

The Bush budget cuts $45 billion from Medicaid, enough to provide health care to 1.8 million children. Maryland's share of these cuts is $623 million.

Bush underfunds his own No Child Left Behind Act by $13.1 billion in his budget. In Maryland, that means a shortfall of $163.8 million, leaving behind 39,722 Maryland children.

Bush cuts $19.7 million from Maryland job training programs in his 2006 budget.

Bush's 2006 budget also cuts the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program -- which helps low-income families afford heating fuel in the winter -- by $234.4 million, including $3.7 million cut for Maryland residents.

And Bush's irresponsible budget is a record $427 billion in the red, increasing each Maryland family's share of the federal debt by $40,133.

Remember those tax cuts?