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Friday, October 08, 2004

Maryland Cakewalk

Why are you looking at a political piece about Maryland? Surely you don't think that there is any way that W. could possibly take this 2 to 1 Democrat registration state, despite what some polls have said recently. It can't be because you think that obscure first-term, millionaire state Senator E.J. Pipkin can wrest the U.S. Senate seat from the venerable Mikulski, even though today's" Sun says that he's gaining. And despite the Post's recent charitable articles on challenges to reps like Van Hollen and Cardin, you can't imagine than these seats will go Republican any more than the DC city or PG county council seats might.

It could just be that you're hungry for a real contest. Something that, as an activist, a campaign or legislative professional, or a political junkie, you can sink your teeth into. Well, just wait until November 3rd when we can start handicapping Duncan and O'Malley for Governor, guessing at whether Sen. Sarbanes will retire and who might run for his seat, or talking about legislative or local races. Maybe you're just as bored as I am with the debate.