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Monday, May 14, 2007

Rockville Mayoral

While most political junkies in Maryland are lining up for next year's the presidential primary election, and many locally are eager to learn about Donna Edwards challenge to Al Wynn in the 4th Congressional District next February, local races are heating up for this fall.

In March, youthful Mayor Larry Giammo surprised political observers by announcing that he wouldn't run for reelection as head of one of the largest cities in both Montgomery County and Maryland. That set off a furious scramble to succeed him.

Today at 12:30 PM at Rockville City Hall Drew Powell will kick of his campaign for Mayor, touting prominent supporters and speaking "about issues facing the city, solutions and his vision for a more citizen-friendly Rockville." Powell has been a key leader in the effort to make Montgomery County government more accountable and transparent, while exposing developer influence and financing of candidates in Montgomery County, as chair of Neighbors for a Better Montgomery.

Other candidates to succeed the mayor, include Silver Spring marketing staff/Rockville City Council member Susan Hoffman.

Words have already started flying...