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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Floating Guns and A Suicide Pact

Charlie Cook’s National Journal column for today talks about the rising negatives of both Bush and Kerry, the might-have-beens:

Kerry did not so much "win" the Democratic nomination as survive the murder-suicide pact in Iowa between former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri that effectively removed the number one and two contenders, allowing numbers three (Kerry) and four (North Carolina Sen. John Edwards) to move to the top two positions. An interesting parlor game would be to contemplate who would have won the Democratic nomination had Kerry not mortgaged his Beacon Hill townhouse and been the best funded and organized candidate after Dean and Gephardt savaged each other on the Iowa television airwaves.

Bike-to-Work Day is coming to the Washington, DC-area on May 7.

And the American Prospect has an interesting short piece discussing how the floating (military cargo ships roaming the oceans) and permanent weapons and equipment stores waiting for the U.S. military to need them somewhere around the world have been called on significantly for the effort in Iraq. This leaves the U.S. and Britain (which has also used a great deal of its stored materiel) ill-prepared for significant deployments over the next few years.