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Friday, April 16, 2004

Quote and Note

The Post quotes Illinois Representative and former Clinton staffer Rahm Emanuel regarding the recent cuts Bush/Cheney are making in their negative ad buys: "In this business, when what you're doing is working, you don't take your foot off the gas."

There was a thought-provoking article last fall, I think, from a non-ideological magazine (Salon or Slate perhaps, but I cannot find it there) on why we should separate the idea of a marriage as a contract from the various religious implications and celebrations. I cannot remember where I read it. Anyone have a lead?

Do you believe that reading a variety of viewpoints broadens the mind, then take a look at the piece by Bradley Smith, FEC Chair, in the first May edition of the National Review on why conservatives should leave 527s alone. The American Spectator (April edition) offers names like those of former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin and NBC anchor Tom Brokaw to the usual mix of Kerry vp possibilities and, later, trots out the specter of Hillary in a second piece. Also, there are some choice comments from R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. in the Washington Times' Commentary section today:

Is there a whiff of schizophrenia to this president? Only his closest advisers would know. The White House keeps others at arms' length. George W. Bush's White House is more insular than any presidency since that of Jimmy Carter. It is surprising the liberals in the press do not complain, but then those liberals are so biased against him they have little grounds for complaint. No sensible president would allow them near him. To them his every move is derisible. Yet no one else sees much of this president either. His father was not like that. Why he is so remote is a mystery, as is the ebb and flow of his energy.