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Thursday, March 18, 2004

The New Republic

Last week’s (March 22) edition of the New Republic offers some food for thought. First, a fact that can stand on its own:

This chart shows that the actual U.S. record price for gasoline occurred in 1981, when regular unleaded cost $2.80 in today's money. (The chart is in 2002 dollars; add 2 percent for current dollars.) The current gas-price level that Spencer Abraham, Dan Rather, and others are hyping as close to "the record" is actually 39 percent lower than the true price peak.

Janine Zacharia’s piece “Oppo Research” indicates that the International Republican Institute (an international Democracy-building organization with ties to the Republican party) while generally doing programs including party building, fundraising, and organizing training for both ruling and opposition parties around the world, instead generally only supported the opposition in Haiti and Venezuela. She goes on to indicate how the Administration has not supported democratically elected governments that lean left.

And is it just me, or has Eliot Spitzer pulled off a real coup by having a cover article in the New Republic shortly after the Nation listed him near the top of their list of potential VP nominees?