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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Decentralizing for Victory

As I talk to people in my own community about getting more involved in improving the way our country is run I hear a lot of frustration, a bit of hopelessness, and a fair amount of anger. So let me tell you that I think that we can make a difference if enough of us are willing to work for it. The way change happens is through citizens like you and me standing up.

One of the best ways is to empower individual voters to become activists to organize their communities, their friends and families, those they associate with online and off. From the Simon Rosenberg's team blog:

The decentralized, bottom-up approach of the Dean campaign allows many more people to have a meaningful and productive relationship with our politics. Why not allow/encourage 2 million people to become essential partners in changing the country? Why not give them specific details on what we need to do to win – as Dean did – and encourage them to do much more then just give money? If millions are raising their hand and asking how they can help we better have something for them to do in addition to giving money.