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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Mikulski Wants to Fly!

The Montgomery Sentinel had Maryland candidates for the House and Senate answer questions about their policy priorities, their parties, and finally, what superpower they'd like to have. Senator Barbara Mikulski decided she'd like to fly. Do you think her staff had fun with this questionnaire?

I would choose flight, and the first thing I would try to do is help people get out of traffic! If I could fly, I would try to do a lot of things to help people just as I do in my real, non-flying job as a U.S. Senator. I would help fight crime by working to break up drug dealing, fight terrorism, and stop those who were trying to oppress others. While I try to help in each of those areas now, it would certainly be more fun to zip around like a super-hero. And to complete the fantasy, I would make doing good deeds the ultimate aerobic exercise, and then I would be able to fit into a real cool super-hero outfit too!

In other news, tax dodging Maryland businesses generally decided not to come forward with their fair share. And Marylanders think that health care is the most pressing issue facing the state.