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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dean's Obit

Doug Ireland writes Howard Dean’s obit on Tom Paine, but goes on to ask even more important questions:

“Given all this, it’s none too soon for progressives to begin asking: what will Dean do with the movement he has crystallized? Does he have the will, desire, and vision to transform his legions of enthusiastic Deaniacs into a permanent, on-the-ground electoral instrument to "take back" the Democratic Party in future contests? If he doesn’’t, can the Dean blogosphere, on its own, consciously coagulate itself into an institutionalized grassroots electoral fighting force capable of contesting future primaries against the moneyed, handpicked candidates of the party’’s establishment?”

CQ’s Midday reports that SC Rep. Jim Clyburn joins his colleague Sen. Ernest Hollings in endorsing John Kerry.