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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Duncan's Developer Dollars

The Baltimore Sun sheds light on how Doug Duncan is using a loophole in Maryland’s campaign finance laws, much as Bob Ehrlich did in his 2002 campaign, to take far more than the allowed $4,000 from individual developers. It seems that they can funnel the money through their limited liability corporations, so that one developer sent Duncan $75,000.

In answer to all the folks who want predictions on New Hampshire’s primary: Charlie Cook has a good line in his "Off to the Races" column today, below. For more info, take a gander at the PoliticsNH. “While all of us wise guys and gals thought this race would soon come down to Dean vs. the anti-Dean candidate, it's more likely to come down to Kerry vs. the alternative to Kerry candidate -- most likely North Carolina Sen. John Edwards or retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark. “

And in case I have not mentioned it already, check out the online notes about the legislative session for insights onto what the actual players think written by Del. Sandy Rosenberg (D) and Del. Richard B. Weldon, Jr. (R). Information about other blogs or obscure sources of info on Maryland politics would be appreciated--these were brought to my attention by a reader.