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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mud, mud, everywhere

Jousting for Justice brings up recent attempts by Gov. Ehrlich "trailing his challenger in every poll" to throw mud at Mayor O'Malley.
But Ehrlich's most recent campaign mailer instead accuses O'Malley of being investigated by the FBI. In a glossy, full-page mailer, the back of which is made to appear as if Mayor O'Malley has been fingerprinted, a banner reads, "The FBI is investigating Martin O'Malley's Leadership of the Police Department."

But a Department of Justice official said there is no active investigation into O'Malley's activities. Federal agents were bewildered by the accusation and the police department was furious. Deputy Police Commissioner Marcus Brown stated angrily that the "FBI currently does not have an open investigation in relation to the leadership of the Police Department or Martin O'Malley's leadership of the Police Department."

O'Malley's folks call this a desperate move, and Jousting for justice says this is the real start of the mudslinging.