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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ehrlich Outed on Purple Line

The big news is that Bob Ehrlich's former appointee to WMATA (the folks that run the Metro) wrote a letter to the Post that admits that Ehrlich's administration is stonewalling the Purple Line.
The Ehrlich administration has been stringing this project out for all it's worth. It is leading a prolonged attempt to obfuscate, alter, study and delay the project so as not to face up to the fact that, without a tax increase, the project is underfunded. All money available is going to the intercounty connector and, indeed, even future federal money has been bonded for that project.

Without parsing the endorsement of every group here, I was surprised how many non-incumbents the Montgomery County Green Democrats backed in their just-released list. They supported Jamie Raskin over incumbent Ida Ruben in Silver Spring’s District 20 state Senate race, Dan Fox for State’s Atty, and all challengers lead by James Browing in the D20 delegate race. As you wonder what to think about how endorsements are made and what value they have, you might think about the disclaimer at the bottom of the Green Dem’s email – “Endorsements were based on feedback from the active membership of Montgomery Green Democrats.”

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