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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Playing the Game

Did you get Nancy Floreen's color mailer? If you missed the flyer with a spiffy headshot, you might not have gotten a chance to see the candidate, err councilmember, reading to young children and dressed up in a firefighters outfit. And you also missed the text, guaranteed to make everyone feel like Nancy cares about their pet priority while still making her sound like a champion of fiscal discipline. Anyone who questions whether Floreen is ramping up to run for Congress or other office if Van Hollen makes the Senate race, hasn't been paying attention.

O'Malley was in Montgomery County this week. One wonders how long it'll take his strategists to realize that the best way to put Duncan away is not through a money race, but by cutting MoCo out from under him. His support here is shallow and with a bit of work a chorus of voices could really undermine his effort to showcase the county, eliminating his only strength.