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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Who Can We Believe?

Speaking of talking the talk, though, some Dems are certainly winning no accolades from even slightly progressive voters in our state who see them too often act like Republicans, such as (from the Sun):
However, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said he sees Ehrlich's veto decisions on gay rights issues as reflecting his views as a social moderate. "I think that's good," Miller said. "What he did was look for a middle ground."

And it seems to have largely passed us by, but did you notice that an awful lot of Democrats in Montgomery County voted for the Inter-County Connector? In particular, MaryPIRG's scorecard indicates that all four of the D20 legislators: Ida Ruben, Sheila Hixson, Peter Franchot, and Gareth Murray voted to run an unnecessary road across the land at fantastic expense to us, the taxpayers.