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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Ike Leggett apparently said yesterday that he supports the building of the ICC, a controversial highway that is being planned to run east-west across Montgomery County. As he works to build a campaign for County Executive in the most populous and wealthiest jurisdiction in the state, some had hoped that Leggett would be the progressive alternative to Steve Silverman.

Since there have so far been no mentions of Leggett's position on the ICC on his web site, or in the Post or the Gazette, and since the report is from the new tabloid Examiner that has yet to prove itself (as illustrated by the weak observer piece on the Middle East by Yehuda Lukacs, an offical at George Mason University), we should probably wait for confirmation on this.

Former County Councilman Blair Ewing, Rockville Mayor Larry Giammo, state Republican Party Chair John Kane, and perennial candidate and former Delegate Robin Ficker are also mentioned as potential candidates.

And an aide to Governor Bob Ehrlich was ousted for spreading rumors about Baltimore Mayor and probable gubernatorial candidate Martin O'Malley.