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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Maryblog, or News from the Old Line State

I never intended to have my web log be about Maryland so frequently, but there are surprisingly few sources for news and comment about Maryland politics and policymaking that it is becoming natural to try to fill the gap. Today, for instance, there is some trivia about legislators...

In the January edition of the magazine State Legislatures (a publication of the National Conference of State Legislatures), Delegate John Hurson, chair of the Health and Government Operations Committee and, perhaps not coincidentally, president-elect of NCSL talked about supporting people who do not have health care, but then backed away from controlling costs of pharmaceuticals in the interests of keeping the companies that make them prosperous. Hurson said “Do we want this industry to be as robust and innovative as it has been?” The article isn’t yet available online, but it’s supposed to be.

As detailed before in this space, some pols are just in the wrong party. Del. Emmett Burns is a perfect example of a D who really oughta be an R, as indicated by his pledge to introduce legislation to make relationships between homosexuals illegal and to stop undocumented immigrants from getting drivers licenses. The other legislators in the area seem to be a decent bunch, from the article.