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Monday, October 06, 2003

So far away from me...

It seems like only yesterday that OnBackground was a gleam in my eye and a regular avocation. Ah well, when the spirit moves me, I'll blog.

Restaurant review: Mykonos Grill in Rockville shines sometimes and fails others. The single most delightful part of my trip last spring to Greece was the incredible food. In a number of cities, in expensive and dirt cheap restaurants and cafes, I had some of the freshest, tastiest, and most delightfully served food I have ever tasted. Having grown up on American Greek carryouts with their oily gyros and tasteless tzatziki, I didn't expect much, but was delighted with my first stop at the Mykonos Grill. The second time, however, brought out mediocre food and inattentive service.

Excellent article on Howard Dean in last week’s Washington Post that discusses his “empowering” approach to campaigning. The article said that he is showing average Americans and, particularly, those mad at the status quo, to think that they can change things if they just do something. This is one of the great lessons of grassroots organizing and, the article asserts, the medical profession. Unfortunately, democracy has become a spectator sport here in America, and who knows what might happen if more people believed that they could make a difference.

A few weeks ago, the Post included an article that mentioned a survey that found that 2/3 of Americans cannot name a single Democrat running for President. One realizes how different the world is from inside the beltway when faced with the fact that the editor of OnBackground was able to name all nine of the then candidates for President, and, with a little assistance from colleagues, put them together with photos of their mouths shown in a recent edition of Roll Call. Perhaps that’s too much information.